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Monday, 18 April 2005 16:00
Last night we decided to cash in all our US change and use it to "play" in the slot machines at the casino connected to this RV park. For over a year, Rick and I have dumped our change into a pail in the closet and we kept our US coins separate from their Canadian counterparts. Hence we had accumulated $26 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters that we would never use anywhere else and what better place to use it than here. Obviously we are not high rollers and this was "found" money for us providing us with some "free" entertainment for a while. We were able to play the nickel and penny machines for a couple of hours and still leave there with as much money in winnings as we started out with.

We are hitting the road again tomorrow so today was our day for going back to Beale Street in Memphis. The weekends start on Thursdays with the entertainment there and so we were certainly looking forward to it. The weather is still hot, there are thunderstorms in the forecast for the weekend and the clouds were rolling in this afternoon but it looked like it would remain rain free for the day. We were in no rush to get to Memphis as we rightfully assumed that the bars and clubs wouldn't start rocking until the evening so we relaxed at the motorhome for a good part of the day.

As soon as we parked the car, we could hear music and sure enough, in the WC Handy Park, there was an awesome band entertaining folks as they wandered by. We were lucky enough to arrive just as a young, "guest", blues guitar player was invited up to play with them and it was a real treat. There were musicians set up in the park, on the sidewalks, in the bars and literally on rooftops. We wandered from venue to venue, listening to everything from blues to rock and roll, and all of them were great. In one dinner club, we even saw "Elvis" perform and what trip to Memphis would be complete without that? For 60 cents each, we rode on a trolley around the downtown and along the river but there were horses and buggies or motorised rickshaws to choose from as well. Beale Street is certainly a fun place to spend a day and a place worthy of a return visit or two in the future.