Dodging the Weather and Skipping Through Tennessee PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 April 2005 16:00
This morning at 5:00 AM we were both awakened by a ferocious thunderstorm settling into the Tunica area. The weather forecast was calling for unsettled weather with strong winds and thunderstorms, so we weren't surprised. What we were surprised by was the fact that when we got up at 8:00 AM it was sunny, clear and dry with no evidence of any unrest at all. By the time we got on the road at 10:00 the temperature was already 25C and we were wishing we could stay longer.

Due to my poor navigating, we drove the long way through Memphis but even so, the traffic wasn't heavy and the road conditions were great. As we progressed north through Tennessee, we could see some clouds off in the distance and we hoped they weren't approaching us. However as we neared the Indiana Stateline, they seemed to accelerate in speed and before long we were in the middle of a very windy thunderstorm with the temperature plunging from 29C to 14C in 20 minutes! How can we complain, though as we have had fabulous weather for almost two months?

We are going to stay as far west in Indiana as we can until we have to head east to Wakarusa where we have an appointment at the Travel Supreme factory. The nasty weather appears to be heading east and even though it is cooler than what we have become accustomed to, we may as well get used to it. Tonight, we are staying at a Flying J Travel Center just north of Evansville, Indiana in a parking lot reserved for RV's. Besides, Sam the cat enjoys these stops where we don't put the slides out because she can snuggle a little closer to us. Smile