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Tuesday, 19 April 2005 16:00
Last night we decided to use the dinner vouchers that we received from the Horseshoe Casino when we signed up for their players card. It was the best meal we have had here so far, not just because it was free because even if we purchased it at the regular rate of $12.99 it would have been a great deal. At the Village Square Buffet, we enjoyed a huge buffet with plenty of choices for vegetarians and carnivores alike. The service was friendly, the food was great and we can confidently recommend it to others.

Today we wanted to go to the famous Hollywood Café, written about by John Grisham in his best selling novel, "A Time to Kill" and sung about by Marc Cohen in his song "Walking in Memphis". We had picked up a flyer at the welcome centre and we were looking forward to trying their Fried Dill Pickle and the Fried Green Tomatoes listed. When we arrived at the restaurant, were it not for the cars in the parking lot, at first glance we would have suspected that it was no longer in business. One thing we have noticed in this part of the world is the obvious lack of outside maintenance of the buildings and this café was no exception. (and once we entered the building, the interior maintenance was no different either!)

When we entered the eatery, it was apparent that it is a popular place for lunch with the locals as it was busy and continued to stay busy the whole time we were there. The menu was hand-printed on two separate boards on a wall that we needed to get closer to in order to read them. The Fried Dill Pickle and the Tomatoes were not on the menu and being vegetarian (thank goodness we do eat fish), for us the choices were limited. The prices were inexpensive and the food we ordered was okay but we were disappointed that we couldn't have the two things we went there for. (I will say one thing...they sure like their food deep-fried in these parts and the girth of the average waistline around here is living proof!) Just the same, we are glad we went there because Marc Cohen's song has more meaning to us now. Muriel no longer plays the piano because she has since passed away, however I'm sure not much has changed there since she did!