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Tuesday, 26 April 2005 16:00
Like our family and friends are experiencing in Ontario, we are currently facing cooler weather with intermittent rain in Indiana. In fact the only real difference is the time of day that we get it because in this part of Indiana, we are in the central time zone. Driving across the continent (as opposed to flying) makes it a lot easier on the body and the brain to adjust to the time differences. Our trek east this time has been pretty easy with the exception of a few little "hiccups". For instance, when we arrived in Amarillo we went from Mountain Time to Central Time BUT the day we got there was also the day that the clocks sprung forward with daylight savings time, so we had a two-hour time change. When we drove from Indiana to Kentucky, then back again, we flip-flopped between Central Time and Eastern Time and back again, so my internal clock is slightly messed up.

We were up this morning at either 5:30 or 6:30 depending on which one you asked, Rick or I, because we both seem to be on different time clocks. Either way, it was way too early for me but the folks that work in the service department here start as early as 5:00 AM. By the time they went through the motorhome to survey the things that we wanted them to attend to, it was 7:30 and then we met up with our friends for breakfast at a great, Mennonite bakery, Mary's Pastries in Nappanee, a few miles from here. It was great sharing RV experiences and ideas with them as well as the delectable fresh-baked cinnamon buns and coffees. It was not exactly our typical, "healthy" breakfast but damn... it was pretty yummy and certainly worth the fall from grace!

Later, we drove around the countryside admiring the tidy houses with their clotheslines loaded with typical Mennonite garb. We passed several farms where we saw farmers ploughing their fields behind teams of horses and we drove by a Mennonite school with the yard cluttered with dozens of plain, black bicycles. It is a simpler life here but the people are peaceful, hard working and friendly and they show enormous pride in their homesteads, all perfectly groomed. This is a good place to be whenever we need service on the motorhome; it's interesting, it's pretty and we are made to feel welcome!