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Wednesday, 27 April 2005 16:00
Coming to the Travel Supreme service center here is almost like going to a high-school reunion; we catch up with old friends and meet and make new ones. We have something in common because we are all Travel Supreme owners and every morning we converge in the comfortable waiting room at the crack of dawn before we go our separate ways for the day. We are an eclectic group from all walks of life from across North America and we compare our RVs, discuss our experiences and suggest solutions. Some, like us are fulltimers, some are weekend or holiday users and some use theirs for business but we all learn from each other.

This morning as we congregated in the lounge, we said goodbye to the people whose coach repairs were completed and the few that remained relaxed and waited for theirs. Most of the folks here arrived on Sunday and because our coach wasn't scheduled for work until Wednesday, we didn't get to know everyone that left today. We spent a good part of today sitting and chatting with two of the remaining couples from the earlier part of the week and by days end had exchanged business cards.

When we weren't relaxing at the shop, we were driving somewhere to eat and as a result by the time we leave here, we will both need to go on a diet. As most of you know by now, we are in Amish/Mennonite country where low-carb, vegetarian food is not part of their traditional diet and we are both weak when it comes to sweets. Our hunt for healthy salads has been somewhat futile but needless to say we have thoroughly enjoyed their wonderful pastries and desserts...in abundance! We enjoy the drives (though based on what we have been eating, we should be riding our bicycles) and seeing the horse drawn carriages, their riders and the countryside. Our repairs are almost complete and soon we will be on our way to Ontario with a few extra pounds and some new friends to visit when we return to the States.