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Sunday, 19 June 2005 16:00
In this part of Indiana we are in the Central time zone so even though we slept in until 7:40 AM, it was really only 6:40 here. We were both up, showered, dressed and ready for the day by 8:00 and waiting for Gayle and Graham. The forecast was calling for a hot dry day and based on the yellowing fields it is something the area has had a lot of so far this spring. For now, we are quite happy to have this weather though I am sure the area farmers would welcome a good rainfall.

We began our day by enjoying a delicious homemade breakfast at one of the Amish-run restaurants. The staff was friendly and the food delicious so it was the perfect send off for our big hunt.

For some time now, we have been planning to change our couch to a foldout sofa bed from the flip down davenport style we currently have and here is where we hope to find one. Two of the three most popular manufacturers of RV upholstery are in the area and there are several RV surplus supply houses that carry an assortment of couches. We spent several hours browsing around a large assortment of retailers looking for the perfect couch and anything else that might catch our eyes. As is commonly known, the wooden furniture created by the Amish and Mennonite craftsmen is absolutely gorgeous and there are plenty of them here. Between farming, RV manufacturing and woodworking, there is a huge thriving industry and their pride and perfection in the finished product is abundant no matter what. We didn't find our couch today but we did enjoy ourselves and maybe something will turn up for us tomorrow.