Great Hospitality PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 June 2005 16:00
Yesterday while we were exploring the area we were constantly greeted by a smile or a friendly wave as we drove by folks working in their gardens. That is one thing we have noticed here in Amish Country, the people are super friendly. At one point Gayle and I were sitting at a picnic table waiting for Rick and Graham to come back with the truck. There were two Amish women sitting at the same table, not with each other, each of them here for reasons of their own. We asked the older woman how she liked the influx of tourists that take over the area every summer to which she responded, "Well, I suppose I don't much like it but it would help if they put in traffic lights!" Her mode of transportation was a horse and buggy and lights would make crossing the busy road an safer task. The younger woman came into town from her home; about 12 miles away, by horse and buggy also and it took her about an hour to get here. She told us for any trips that are longer than that; she would hire a non-Amish person to drive her, apparently a common practice.

While we were in Nappanee later, we stopped at a place advertising Antique Trunks Sold and Restored. The proprietor, Doris, was a wealth of information about the many trunks in her showroom and what she didn't know, she gladly invented. Our entire time there was spent laughing hysterically at her tales some fictional, some factual but all worthy of an appreciative audience. Gayle and Graham purchased a lovely old wicker baby carriage complete with a moth-eaten mink stole, something Doris was glad to see go. Their acquisition is authentic and they have a humorous tale to go with it!

No matter where we travel in Northern Indiana, the countryside is beautiful, the people are friendly and we are made to feel welcome by all.