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Saturday, 18 June 2005 16:00
Yesterday, because we were taking delivery of our new motorcycle and because Bill and Laura were coming by to see Rick for Father's Day, we planned to leave for Indiana shortly after 1:00 PM. We have learned that sometimes our best intentions go array and as it turned out by the time we met up with Gayle and Graham and actually hit the road, it was nearer 4:00 o'clock.

I am sure Brad and Robyn expected to be home much sooner but they were great sports about our tardiness and their company helped to make the time go by fast. By the time we finally arrived in Windsor where we said goodbye to them, it was dark, we were tired and we still had to cross over the border. We had decided that we would only go as far as Romulus, not far into Michigan where we would hopefully find a campground. Unfortunately, the first place we stopped at was closed but we found the Wayne County Fairgrounds a few kilometres away where we settled in for the night. It was well after midnight but we knew that our final destination was only a few hours away in the morning.

This morning we were up early even though we were tired from such a short sleep because we were anxious to get to Shipshewana, Indiana where we are staying for the next five nights. It is Gayle and Graham's first visit there so we are looking forward to showing them why we enjoy coming to the area and it will be our first time staying at a campground as opposed to the service centre at Travel Supreme. We arrived at the Shipshewana Campground South shortly after noon. Rick and Graham spent the afternoon doing the "man thing", tinkering with mechanical things, while Gayle and I tidied up our homes. Being a Sunday, anything Amish is closed so later when we took a drive around the area we had to settle for a pizza place for dinner. Tomorrow all places will be thriving again and we'll get down to some serious exploring!