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Monday, 11 July 2005 00:00
Last night, Rick and I went to visit Dana and Richard, to meet the latest addition to their family, Thomas Alexander born at 11:11 PM, on July 8th weighing in at 6 lbs. 6 oz. Even though everyone was sure that Dana was having a girl this time, Rosanne had told her in early June that she was carrying a boy. Rosanne had done a healing session with Noah one day and Althea, her guide, had shown her the baby and she told her that Noah would be helping his baby brother. Rosanne told Dana that Noah was a "crystal child" and he had chosen her and Richard as his parents because they would nurture him the way he needed... and they do.

Since I arrived in Ontario in early May, I have been astounded at the incredible changes and growth in Rosanne's spiritual development. Running Bear, though still working with her, has moved aside to make room for Althea a more powerful guide. She now hears spirit more clearly and she is able to see the skeleton, organs and any problems inside the body of the client she is working on. I feel the reason she has been given this gift is because of her incredible sense of gratitude and the purity of her heart and I am honoured to call her "my friend".

On Sunday night I accompanied Rosanne and her mom (visiting from BC) to the Spiritual Church in Bracebridge. Rosanne had been asked to do the teachings that night and she spoke of the message she had received from her Creator asking her to speak about, five words, "Ask and Thy Shall Receive". It is a message she has learned well and she spoke of the ways that "God" always answers her prayers and how "He" will answer everyone who asks for "His" help if they just ask. It has taken me some time but I too have learned the power of those words (as long as the request is for the greater good of the person asking) and through my dear friend, Rosanne, the even greater power of gratitude.

Tomorrow night Rosanne will be performing her first "group healing" and I will be in attendance. Stay tuned for the results and be prepared to hear a lot more about her! This is a picture of little Baby Thomas.