An Extraordinary Evening PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 July 2005 00:00
This morning Rick and I packed our suitcases for our vacation to Vancouver and Alaska, (well technically, I got my stuff out on the bed and Rick packed because he does a better job of it than I do or so he thinks). Then we spent the rest of the day cleaning up the motorhome and tying up some loose ends. While we are away, Graham will be cat-sitting so that Sam will have company and we wanted to make his stay at the motorhome as comfortable as possible. The humidity and heat is stifling so it was nice to stay indoors for most of the day while we completed our tasks.

Tonight we headed to Barrie and while I attended Rosanne's first group workshop held at Liane's, Rick went to Angie's house to fix a tap. There were 14 guests in attendance, all of whom were excited to meet Rosanne and learn about this "Native Medicine Woman" and what she had to offer. First, Rosanne introduced herself and gave the group some of the history about her "gift" and how it has evolved. She then led everyone in a wonderful meditation, which was thoroughly enjoyed, followed by a moment to share some of the experiences. With Althea's help, Rosanne proceeded to conduct an extraordinary group healing during which the energy grew so intense the room warmed considerably. There were many tears shed by most of the recipients (and Rosanne, of course) and again afterward, they shared their experiences.

After a short break, Rosanne then conveyed some of the messages she was receiving from the spirits of loved ones of the attendees of the group. Her accuracy was amazing and at the end of the evening, there were many satisfied, people thanking her for sharing her gift. Rosanne was just thrilled to be able to work with her guides and their healing energy on so many people in one sitting. Liane will be promoting another "Rosanne" workshop in August as well as some Native Sweat Lodges, which Rosanne will conduct at her home in Coldwater. For further info you can contact Rosanne by calling her directly at 705/686-7978.

This is a picture of Rosanne with her Mom and me!