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Thursday, 11 August 2005 16:00

aug 12-05.jpgAs usual, our visit to this area is highlighted by the abundance of great, yet inexpensive food available. We keep returning to a fabulous little, Amish-run coffee shop in Nappanee and we are drawn there by the coffee and baked oatmeal. Rosanne, Rick and I can each have a bottomless cup of coffee and an ample bowl of "baked" oatmeal for $8.75 total. Baked oatmeal is a yummy treat and something I had never heard of before until having it here, but it is something that apparently is common in every Amish household.

When Rosanne and I were out and about on Wednesday, we came across a few Amish cookbooks and in one we found a recipe for this delicious dish. Being the cook that I am, it was something I wanted to make at home so Rosanne wrote down the ingredients and their quantities for me (I don't have room for another cookbook) so that I could attempt to make baked oatmeal myself. It seemed easy enough however we have a convection oven in our motorhome rather than a regular one so some adjusting will be necessary.

Anyway, long story short, my "baked" oatmeal, though quite good in its own right, does not compare with that from the coffee shop. It seems the oatmeal I have on hand is too coarse to make it properly but I have not given up yet and until I get it right, we'll just have to keep going to the coffee shop.