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Wednesday, 10 August 2005 16:00
We have finally had some rain here where it is obvious that they need it. Though the fields are green with corn and beans and the gardens are laden with vegetables, it is still very dry... similar to many areas in Ontario. We welcomed the rain today and we used the time to do some shopping for groceries at Wal-Mart and some RV gear at Camping World. It's amazes me how the days are flying by and it seems they just seem to get started when I look at the clock and it is nearing 6 PM. Today was no exception. By the time we went for breakfast, it was already noon and we sat down for dinner at 8:00.

Our new upholstery is beautiful; the driver's and passenger seats, the Euro-lounger, footstool and sofa bed are soft, comfortable and a perfect match with the floor and woodwork. The new L-shaped cupboard is roomy, fits perfectly and looks like it has always been there. Tomorrow Rick will pick up the end table and coffee table, which will coordinate with everything else and is also designed to give us some extra storage space.

Ours is the only Travel Supreme with a cork floor and this configuration, making it very unique and for us...perfect. It is more functional now with a more efficient use of our limited space than before and hopefully it will be easier to clean and keep tidy. Rosanne has had the pleasure of sleeping on the new foldout bed which has an additional air mattress configured into it, making it extremely comfy. Overall, we are very pleased with the changes and are confident that we have done the right thing knowing that we can easily accommodate our belongings and visitors from now on.