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Wednesday, 14 September 2005 16:00
On our first full day in Vancouver, the weather was very typical for this time of the year, overcast, damp and mild. Fred and Rick drove Jamie to the airport (here is a picture of Rick and Jamie there) while Karley and Makai went to the gym and Christine and I visited Juicy Lucy's on The Drive for breakfast. When we returned to the house, the "boy's" were still gone, Makai was napping and Karley had assumed the role of hairdresser. Her first client, Andrew, had a quick haircut and then after browsing several magazines and some serious contemplation, it was Christine's turn.

Fred and Rick returned, babysat, waited, went for a walk, waited some more and two plus hours later, we left Karley and Makai at home while we went to Granville Island for a late lunch. There, after our meal, we also shopped for supper, picked up a few things for Karley and wandered around the market and some of the other unique stores. We settled on fresh sockeye salmon, turkey breasts (for Christine and Fred) salad greens, blueberries and pears to go with a "divine" pear and blue cheese salad dressing we found at one of the vendors booths.

On our way back to the RV park, we stopped to drop off Karley's goodies and borrow her car which we will be using for the next few days while Fred and Christine go to the island. The "boys" had a hot tub, the "girls" did some domestic stuff, then we enjoyed our Granville Market purchases (which, incidentally were very yummy) and Christine's hair looks great! Really, how good does it get? Wink