New "Do" Day For Me PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 September 2005 16:00
For the past two years, my theory for letting my hair grow long was that it required less maintenance (bad hair days received ponytails or clips) and therefore no trips to new hairdressers when Karley wasn't within an easy trip. Consequently, I grew it, trimmed it and grew it some more. However, since reaching that glorious stage in my life called menopause, my hair's texture and structure has gotten progressively curlier and unruly. For the past few months, the bad-hair days outnumbered the good and I was just allowing it to go wild. It took longer and longer to shampoo and maintain and I have finally come to the point that I have had enough!

I am a natural blonde (though it too has been getting darker) and have been graced with my father's genes when it comes to the advancement of grey hair, (I may have one on my head) and my mother's genes when it comes to thickness. I have kept the overall blonde colour by having highlights put in every three or so months to keep the colour that I am used to. I suppose the curls were inherited from my dad's mom, Granny Ainsley however she had fine hair where mine is thick. I also shed a lot and with the new macerator pump in the motorhome, every couple of weeks, Rick has to dismantle it and remove gobs of my hair wrapped around the impeller.

So today, I had Karley bring my hair closer to its natural colour and cut it into a different style. Now I can see just how curly it has become and I have to say, unless I spend an hour or more each day styling it, (to relax the curl) I will look like I have an "old-lady" perm, which disturbs me to no end. Karley did a fantastic job of cutting and colouring but I am a lousy student of styling. I am going to try to see if it improves over the next couple of weeks (or if I can become adept at making it look less "permed" with only a few minutes of care each day) and failing that I will get it all chopped off. Of course, the alternative is the bald look where I shave my head but that will be a last resort so here I am with my "new do" for now.