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Tuesday, 13 September 2005 16:00
Today we drove to Vancouver, about four and a half hours from where we were parked. Jamie is there temporarily, visiting with Karley and Ian but he flies back to Toronto tomorrow for the weekend so we wanted to see him before he goes (not to mention, we were anxious to see Makai). The Okanagan Valley is worthy of a much lengthier visit, as we learned last night, when we ran out of daylight to really see it. After a very good dinner downtown, we ventured up one of the hills to the  Summerhill Pyramid Winery, touted as the most visited and largest certified organic vineyard in Canada. Even in the dark, we could see that it was impressive and we wished we had thought of going there for dinner.

Rick and I, even though we no longer imbibe in alcoholic beverages would like to spend a summer exploring BC and this is definitely a destination worthy of a return "daylight" visit. Had we more time, we would enjoy learning more about the pyramid and the winery's philosophy as well as the many other sites in the valley. For now though, we have simply added it to the growing list of places to come back to when we have more time.

The drive through the remaining mountains was beautiful, though cloudy and in places smoggy from the large bog fire in Delta. We arrived at the Burnaby-Cariboo RV Park just before 3:00 PM, our old, familiar resting place, where we will be parked for the next four weeks. Once we were set up in our site, we gave Chris and Fred a tour of the park and then we headed over to Karley and Ian's. Makai has grown up so much in the few weeks since we saw him last and after a few moments of being shy, he warmed up to us. We then went for a walk along The Drive where we met up with Jamie before leaving Karley and Makai at home while we drove our visitors (Jamie included) around the city for a quick tour. Chris and Fred are going to Vancouver Island on Friday to visit Greg, Fred's cousin, and Jamie flies out tomorrow at 10:30 AM so we covered a lot of ground in a short time. Later we will meet up with Karley and Ian, minus Makai (who will be at home with a babysitter) for dinner at Urban Thai .