Giving Karley a Break PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 22 September 2005 16:00
This day was chosen to be the first full day of babysitting Makai to give his mom a real break, a whole day to do what she wanted without having to worry about her baby boy. Karley and Makai arrived at the motorhome at around 9:00 AM loaded with diapers, food, juice, a stroller, a blanket and dozens of toys to make our day as easy as possible. On a typical day, he normally has a one to two hour nap at 10:00 so she wanted to get him settled once she got here. Today, he had a little nap on his way here, not really a good way to start his day and he did not want to go back down once he arrived.

Grandpa entertained him for a while and then tried to get him to nap at 10:30 but there was no way Makai would have anything to do with that attempt. Instead, he played, watched some Baby Einstein, sucked his thumb and cuddled his bear-bear, rubbed his eyes and enthusiastically ate his lunch. He simply refused to give in to the obvious need for sleep!

We took him for a walk in his stroller and within 60 seconds, he was out cold so we brought him back and left him to finish his nap outside under the shelter of the awning. In only an hour, he was awake and smiling once again. This time Grandpa took him swimming, which he loved and it was evident by the glazed-over look in his eyes that he was still very tired. After we dried him off, played and cuddled for a while, we took him for another walk but this time he resisted the need to sleep for a much longer time. After almost an hour his eyelids finally closed and he slept but again only for a short time. Even though the little guy had far less sleep than he was used to, not once was he miserable or whiney and is such a treat to look after. Karley had a wonderful day, shopping and spending time with a girlfriend and we had a wonderful day with our sweet little grandson!