City or Country? PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 September 2005 16:00
That was the question facing us this morning when we were trying to decide what we should do. It had been our intention that first thing this morning we would go for a long walk into Burnaby Park, adjacent to here, however our good intentions went all awry when we slept in. We had no commitments, no guests and no plans other than a walk with the weather here right now being perfect for just that... sunshine and highs in the low 20'sC. I suppose that is why we slept-in in the first place (no plans) but once we got up, we couldn't decide where to walk and the park just wasn't as appealing anymore. We finally decided to go downtown and walk all along Robson Street people-watching and window-shopping.

First, we parked a block off of Robson and began to walk and that's when we came across the Vancouver Public Library, a huge beautiful structure resembling a Roman Coliseum-type building. I suppose we have seen it before and until today, we gave no notice to what it was but we were glad to have found it. The great thing is, it is only a few blocks from where our future condo is so it will make a nice walk and a great place to visit on a regular basis.

Walking along Robson was fantastic, lots to view, and we finally got the battery changed in one of Rick's watches (it's been dead for weeks) and the clasp tightened in another (he has four). We also found a cool shoe store (the designer is from here) for men and women and a clothing store with funky clothes geared to women in my age group (in other words...comfortable). We also had a late, great lunch at DeDutch Pannekoek House, another one of those western-only franchises that is eastern Canada's loss. By days end we had done plenty of walking and it was as educational (however, in a different way) as walking in the country or Burnaby Park. Our wallets were a little lighter but we got plenty of fresh air and sunshine as well as becoming more familiar with what will one day be our home city.