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Saturday, 24 September 2005 16:00
After spending one day in downtown Vancouver, we decided we owed it to ourselves to go inland and see the mountains and valleys. In 1992, we drove out here in our first motorhome, towing a U-Haul trailer loaded with Karley's furniture. After we unloaded it (literally) and stayed for a short visit, we drove east again by Hope and then along the Crow's Nest Highway through the Similkameen Valley. Today we decided to venture in that direction again and 350 kilometres and 3+ hours later we ended up in Keremeos buying fruit.

It was a long way to go for fresh fruit but the weather here has been fabulous, sunny and warm with inland highs varying from 17C to 24C depending on where we were. We stopped to take pictures just outside of Hope of the remnants of Canada's largest landslide that struck the area in 1965 after an earthquake. We also made stops at Bromley Creek, Princeton and Hedley, a historic mining town. Keremeos is a small town in the Similkameen Valley known for it's wonderful produce (much of it organic) and it's desert climate. We stopped at the Mariposa Fruit Stand where we were awed by all the different types of squash (many I had never heard of) and the abundance of apples, tomatoes, grapes and plums.

After we made our purchases, we headed back; westward towards Vancouver where we were treated to a beautiful sunset. The sky became a deep turquoise blue streaked with globs of bright orange and it was breathtaking even with hydro lines and the taillights of other vehicles in front of us. Yesterday, while walking along Robson Street, we got more physical exercise than we did today but today we saw more nature and thoroughly enjoyed the time with each other.