I Can't Stand Liars PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 25 September 2005 16:00
There is nothing worse, in my books anyway, than people who lie, especially people in business. I wrote many weeks ago about our dilemma in finding replacement tailpipes for our motorcycle. We called dozens of places, found one that said they would have them in a week and then couldn't get them at all. They didn't really lie; their supplier just had none in stock and there was no telling when there would be anymore. Luckily (?), we found a place in Barrie where we could get them made and we were told when we took our old ones in on August 3rd the new ones would be ready in three weeks. We informed them that we needed them before Labour Day because we were leaving Ontario on September 4th and they assured us that there would be no problem.

Rick went in to the shop several times over the next four weeks, each time they hadn't started and each time they reassured him that they would be done in time. Finally, on the last promised date he returned to the shop to discover them still sitting where he had left them. According to Andrew, the pipe maker, the machine he used had "just" broken down but they were expecting it to be fixed early the following week. Once it was repaired, they "promised" to manufacture the new tail pipes immediately and they would ship them to us in Vancouver at their expense. They said the tailpipes would even be at Karley's house before we arrived.

Needless to say, we are still waiting for them. Rick called them, speaking to "John", on the Wednesday after Labour Day to be told they were working on them and the same story on Thursday and again on Friday. When we arrived here before the tailpipes, he called again and this time spoke with Andrew, who informed him that he had been away all week because his wife had a baby and had complications during the delivery. He was very apologetic and "promised" that they would be ready "for sure" in the next couple of days. Rick called there again last Tuesday (September 20th) and Andrew told him the pipes were beautiful and were on the way to Fed-Ex "right now, as we speak". Today, Rick called there AGAIN to get the tracking number. This time "John" told him that Andrew had the book and when he returned with it he would call back with the tracking number. We received NO call. To be continued...

This a a picture taken yesterday of Canada's largest landslide.