Being Lied To Continued... PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 September 2005 16:00
Yes... we did NOT get a return call so this morning Rick called again and John finally produced the tracking number. When he was asked when the pipes were shipped, John said, "I think they went out on Friday"(only 3 days later than when Andrew said they were shipped!). I went online and providing I have the right tracking number, they didn't get shipped until yesterday (probably after we called for the tracking number) and they then left the Fed-Ex facility in Mississauga via ground transport at 1:44 AM this morning! Evidently, we can expect the mufflers by Friday, September 30th, almost a full month later than they were initially promised and almost two months from when we first took them in to the Barrie manufacturer.

What I can't understand is why these people felt they had to lie to us in the first place, why did they make promises they couldn't keep and why didn't they just tell us what was going on? Instead, they proceeded to follow one broken promise after another with one lie after another. How does anyone maintain a business that way? (Hmmm, perhaps they should run for political office because they already have the deceit down to a fine art.) Anyway, I will keep you posted on the progress of the tailpipes, whether they arrive and what they look like when (if) we get them.

Despite the missing tailpipes, we are keeping ourselves occupied with other we joined Makai and Karley for lunch at Granville Island. Actually, we took Makai out for lunch so that his mom could shop for some needed art supplies, uninterrupted, and then she joined our little dining party, already underway. We also had the pleasure of spending time with them both yesterday afternoon when Karley came over to the RV park to take advantage of the unoccupied pool and go swimming after lunch.