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Thursday, 29 September 2005 16:00
The rain seems to have gone again, at least for today so this morning was a good time for us to get some things organized for the winter via the Internet. Because Rick has an AZ driver's license, he needs to have a physical to maintain it and it is up for renewal at year's end. He will fly back to Ontario in December to renew his licence and then he will help Jay pack in preparation for his move to Vancouver by Christmas. Today I booked flights for Rick from Palm Springs to Toronto and back. While I was doing that, he was arranging for a service to move our stored items and Jay's belongings together in one container. After doing plenty of research over the past month, the least expensive method to move everything is with the container system as opposed to renting a truck like they had originally planned. Not only that, they don't have to worry about crossing the mountains in December when the weather can be less than great while driving a truck and towing a car on a trailer. Rick and Jay will pack the container and it will be delivered to Vancouver in just over two weeks.

We also made reservations at the park in Palm Springs, California, which will be our "home" base for the winter. From there, we will make some jaunts to Arizona, Mexico and Nevada but it will be our primary park from November to April. Hopefully the kids will all get down there at some point for a visit and perhaps so will other family and friends as well. There are rental units which we can reserve making it easy to accommodate visitors when they come in multiples ensuring everyone is comfortable. The park has two swimming pools as well as dozens of other amenities, which should keep our visitors and us very happy.

This afternoon we went over to Karley and Ian's and lo and behold, the tailpipes had arrived...finally. Rick is installing them as I write this so that maybe we will have an opportunity to enjoy some fair weather bike rides here in Vancouver before we head south. Stainless Outfitters in Barrie, where we had them made, may not have been very honest about the ridiculously long wait, but they look great and are well made. They did give us a break on the price so as long as you are in no hurry and don't mind being lied to; they are a good source for obsolete tailpipes.