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Wednesday, 28 September 2005 16:00
Today it rained in Vancouver...I mean REALLY rained. For most people who think about Vancouver, rain is synonymous with the city but this is the first time that we have seen it rain this hard anywhere in a long time. For the most part, it seems that good weather has been following us since we started this gypsy life in December 2003 and we are fortunate enough to have experienced very little inclement weather in almost two years. Since we arrived here two weeks ago, the weather has been dry and mild but we knew rain was always just around the corner. The rain was so heavy that we lost our satellite Internet signal not to mention the television signal, hence the delay in posting this.

We spent our morning enjoying the sound of the rain on the roof and seeing huge torrents of rain literally washing away the leaves and debris from the shedding nearby trees. We are prepared for rain with our raincoats, umbrellas and waterproof shoes so it doesn't prevent us from doing anything. Typical to Vancouver, even heavy rain doesn't last and by 2:00 it had tapered down to a sprinkle. We went to Yaletown to pick up my new glasses with my NEW prescription, something I badly needed. Since I entered that lovely hormonal phase of my life, menopause, my vision has been greatly altered and even reading had become difficult so I was very excited to get these specs. Yay! I can see clearly now, read and look up and still see, the one thing that has become a real issue.

We then spent the balance of our afternoon with Karley and Makai until Ian came home from work and joined us. Makai is so close to crawling; we enjoy watching him attempt to figure out in just what order his limbs need to go for him to complete the process. He is also starting to forgo his afternoon nap, just like his mother did when she was his age, so we entertained him while Karley cut hair. We fed him his dinner, which he devoured, he played and then Ian gave him his bath in preparation for bed. Once he was in bed for the night, the four adults ate sushi and watched The Apprentice. The rain was long gone by the time we headed home and both the satellite receivers were up and running once again.