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Friday, 30 September 2005 16:00
Yesterday, while at Karley and Ian's, I made a vegetarian shepherd's pie that we could all enjoy for dinner. It was nice to eat together as a family with Makai at the head of the table charming all of us.

Rick finished installing the tailpipes last night when we got home, so today we used the bike to go over to Karley and Ian's. We had arranged to baby-sit Makai so his mom and dad could have the day to themselves (and we could have fun with our grandson) but not before we made one stop. We stopped at a local nearby farmers market to pick up some fresh produce but more importantly, to see an old friend. Our friend Martin Kluchert from Ontario had initiated this meeting by locating and contacting Dave Catzel, a mutual friend of ours who none of us had seen in several years. Dave and Martin (aka Mort) had both worked for us at Grandview Lodge and the last time we saw Dave was in 1995 when he attended our wedding. Mort learned that he was now living and working near here in Aldergrove, as an organic farmer and we learned that he would be at the market today. We had a short reunion and then stocked up on some fabulous organic produce but not before arranging to get together later in the week.

We then rode to the house where we relieved Makai's parents of their responsibility and assumed the role of babysitters. He was a delight all day (as usual) as well as a real attention getter when we took him for a walk on The Drive. During our playtime in the afternoon Makai made further progress with his crawling, making many "steps" forward on several occasions. I predict that within the next couple of days, our little fellow will be hard to stop and Karley and Ian will have some "baby-proofing" to do throughout the house.