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Sunday, 02 October 2005 16:00
Despite the rainy forecast, the weather today has actually been quite good and this morning we started our day with a long walk. One of the self-treatments Caroline Abrams, the Osteopath I am seeing has suggested, is a brisk walk everyday until I can start swimming again. Burnaby-Cariboo RV Park is adjacent to Burnaby Lake Park and there are several really nice walking/jogging trails leading from here to there. I have no explanation for why we haven't been taking advantage of the close proximity to Burnaby Lake Park all along other than that old adage of ignoring what is in your own backyard. We enjoyed the crisp air and the peaceful atmosphere even though we knew the Trans-Canada Highway was only a few hundred yards away.

Later, we gathered up some of our "excess" belongings and headed over to Karley's to pick up a storage container we had there of our unneeded winter attire including our ski boots. We have decided to rent a storage unit here in Vancouver primarily to have a place for the boxes we have stored at Jay's house in Markham. Since he has sold his house and is moving here in December, we need to find another home for our things and figured we might as well move them here. It is highly unlikely that we will ever live in Ontario again and seeing as we have put a deposit down on a condo to be ready in the spring of 2007 in Yaletown, we might as well store our stuff nearby. The first month's rent is $1 and the unit is large enough to store some clothes and a few extras we can do without plus the boxes we have in Ontario when they get here in December.

Afterwards we drove downtown so I could pick up my passport and then headed to Yaletown for my final dentist appointment. Last week I had been to our dentist here to have one of my molars prepared for a crown. The filling in it had fractured in the summertime and I knew what was in store for it but I had managed to postpone treatment until now. Not being a fan of freezing, I went with as little as possible and consequently, by 3:30PM. I had a raging ache in my jaw so we headed home where I dosed myself with Ibuprophen and lay down until it kicked in. My teeth are all in good shape now for a winter in California and slowly, we are tying up all our loose ends.