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Monday, 03 October 2005 16:00
I had previously predicted that the weather forecast can change dramatically and it has because despite the dire prediction of rain for a week, we are having glorious sunshine today. And when we have sunshine, it means we must ride our motorcycle (at least until the novelty wears off) so ride... we did.

First thing this morning we went for another walk along a different trail leading to Burnaby Lake Park. The air was even crisper today and there was evidence of frost along the sides of the path. We'd heard on the news before we set out that the overnight temperature last night in the valley had dropped to 3C and for us it is saying that we are leaving here not a moment too soon. We really don't want to see snow this year and we hope by heading south in the middle of October we should remedy that.

We rode into Yaletown first to pick up Rick's new glasses and then we headed to White Rock, a great destination for a motorcycle ride. Even though there were folks walking around in Capri's, sandals and T-shirts in Yaletown, I was thankful that we had invested in leather chaps and jackets to wear when riding the bike. The sunshine was beautiful but the air was quite cool, especially as we neared the ocean and I snuggled in closer to Rick however, I did manage to take some photographs while riding behind him. After a late lunch, we rode back, tired, but happy to have had one more opportunity to use the bike while in Vancouver because we could see the rain clouds approaching in the distance. It appears as if the weatherman just might be right!