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Friday, 07 October 2005 16:00
Yesterday, the weather surprised us by being dry all day, again not at all what had been predicted, but welcomed anyway. Imagine our surprise to wake up to another rainless day this morning even with some bits of blue sky poking through the clouds! We haven't been experiencing the heat wave that Ontario has enjoyed but we haven't been dodging snowflakes like Alberta has either. Even on rainy days, it never drops below 15C and on the dry days, we have basked in a balmy 17C or 18C when there is no sun, so we have no complaints.

This morning I had another acupuncture appointment and afterwards Rick and I went to Granville Island for lunch and to pick up some items for the Thanksgiving dinner we are having with Karley, Ian and Makai tomorrow. As usual, Granville Market was abuzz with throngs of shoppers and tourists, but we managed to find a table to sit at with a nice couple visiting from Missouri. They were seeing Vancouver for the first time before embarking on a train-trek through the mountains to the Okanagan Valley and back. It was nice chatting with them and hearing about how much they enjoyed the many parts of Canada they had visited already.

After lunch, we bought some fresh halibut, pumpkin pie, organic lettuce and sweet potatoes to take home. Karley and Makai were visiting us this afternoon while Ian did some home repairs so we had to get back to be there before they arrived. Makai has quickly perfected his crawling abilities and even though he has a cold right now, he managed to show off his new skills. After some playtime, a walk around the park, a nap on the bed and some cuddles with Grandpa, the afternoon was soon gone and Mom and son returned to their home. We have only seven days left before we leave here and if today is any indication, those days will go by very quickly.