Makai, Grandpa and Racing PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 08 October 2005 16:00
Shortly after Makai was born, like most new grandparents; we went out and bought him a number of toys, clothes, baby needs and a storybook. Actually, it was Rick that bought the storybook and it is called Speedy Little Race Cars (gee, what a surprise!). That book turned out to be Makai's favourite bedtime story with the raised, hard plastic, brightly coloured racecars on every page. Karley and Ian had read the book to him so often that they even had the story and all the pages memorized. It seems that Rick, in his purchase, was preparing Makai for real races, an attempt to get his interest started early.

Today we will be going to Karley and Ian's place for a Thanksgiving dinner but first we offered to baby-sit Makai at the motorhome so that his parents could go shopping alone. The other reason for staying at the motorhome was so that Rick could watch today's NASCAR race on a large-screen TV and I could prepare some of tonight's dinner ahead of time at home. The family arrived just after the race started and Makai was wide-awake from having his morning nap. I find that the male species, when watching television, develop tunnel vision no matter what age they are, and our wee grandson is no different. After Karley and Ian left, Makai and Grandpa settled on the couch to watch the race and they were both completely mesmerized.

Together they would watch the race but occasionally Makai would shift his attention to his toys scattered all over the floor. When that happened Grandpa would place him on the floor to play, all the while glancing over to the TV to see the progress of the race. At this point, he has no favourite driver but it is evident that it is something that he enjoys (or at least it keeps his attention) and it may become something he and Grandpa will always have in common. If Rick has his way, sometime in the future, he, Ian and Makai will have a NASCAR "boys" weekend at a racetrack somewhere in the States. (Vegas perhaps?) Hmmm!