Preparing For Departure Day PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 October 2005 16:00
As usual, when we are preparing to leave a campground, we have last minute things to look after, specialty items to stock up on and tasks to complete before we leave. With just four days left before we leave Vancouver for parts south, we feel like we are running out of time but we are making progress.

This morning I had my second last acupuncture appointment and then we ran errands to stock up on supplies. We just happen to prefer vanilla scented Fleecy concentrated fabric softener, something not available in the USA; so today we added six bottles of it to our stock. I also like President's Choice colossal black olives, also unavailable south of the border, and we added a half a dozen cans of those to our pantry. For the next several months, I will be rationing them in my recipes and no doubt, I will be asking family coming from Canada to bring olives and fabric softener with them when they visit. It's funny how we get attached to certain things!

We took the car into a Honda dealer for a routine oil change, also part of the preparation for leaving here. The dealer was just a short walk from Granville Market so while we waited for the task to be completed, we went for lunch and for a change, it wasn't busy so finding a table today was very easy. We then headed over to the dentist's office to pick up my new mouth-guard so that I stop waking myself up through the night grinding my teeth. (It's a bad habit that over time has become pretty serious so in order to preserve my teeth, a mouth guard has become part of my bedtime attire.) By the time we had made all our stops and filled up on a variety of supplies, it was well after 6:00 PM and we had gone all day without even seeing Karley and Makai. Perhaps it was a subconscious way for us to start weaning ourselves from them so that we ( won't have as much of a difficult time leaving here as we (ya, okay...I) did last March!