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Monday, 10 October 2005 16:00
It was a gorgeous fall day here today, mild and sunny, a nice change from yesterday and a good day to visit our old friend, Dave Catzel. Karley and Makai arrived at the motorhome shortly before noon with the hope that she could feed Makai his lunch before we headed out to Aldergrove, a farming community east of Vancouver where Dave and his family live. Needless to say, Makai was too distracted by the motorhome surroundings and the attention he was getting from Granni and Grandpa to eat then so we decided to feed him in transit.

The drive to Aldergrove was easy, with little traffic to contend with and we arrived at Dave's at 1:00 PM as planned. Makai managed to eat all but 4 cubes of cheese of his substantial lunch, so eating while driving proved to be a good solution to his earlier lack of interest. Dave greeted us with his four-month-old daughter, Korae, sleeping in a pouch on his back and his 3-year-old son, Najai, at his heels while Donna, their mom, was in the backyard gathering grapes. Najai (under his dad's supervision) took us for a tour around the yard to show us the "wild" chickens while Dave explained some of the workings of the organic farm operation.

It was fun watching Makai interact with two other children, an infant and a little boy, while Karley enjoyed getting a perspective of parenthood from the parents of two. After some time playing inside, Dave and Najai took us for an extended tour of the farm, all the while harvesting a huge assortment of fresh organic produce for us to take home. We had a great visit and left there with the promise that we would stay in closer touch and return for another visit in the spring.