Only Three Days Left PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 12 October 2005 16:00
This morning Rick drove me to my final appointment with Caroline Abrams, the osteopath I have been seeing, and then we met Karley and Makai for lunch at DeDutch. One day apart was enough and we only have three days left to spend time with them, so lunch was the order of the day. As usual, he greeted us with a big grin especially when Makai saw the new toys we got him. We spent at least an hour together and it will hold us over until we get together again tomorrow.

We then ran a couple of errands, then headed back to the motorhome. The weather today was dry and there were even some moments when we saw sunshine. It gave Rick the opportunity he wanted to install the new backup camera we got for the trailer. It works remotely, can be configured through our existing system and now he can see both the back of the motorhome and the back of the trailer, simultaneously.

While he worked on the trailer, I defrosted and cleaned the fridge and freezer in the motorhome and sorted through the contents. Much to my surprise, I only found a couple of expired jars and no "un-identifiables" so there was little that needed to be discarded. Defrosting the fridge is one of my least favourite chores and fortunately, it is something I only need to do monthly. After we took possession of the motorhome, I learned that we could have had a frost-free, home model refrigerator but I would have lost the storage space I use for my pots and pans. On days like this, I often wonder if giving up that space would've been worth it!