Another Windless Day PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 November 2005 16:00

Desert Hot Springs is in the Coachella Valley and based on the fact that there are hundreds of wind generators strategically placed throughout the area, one has to assume it gets windy here. When we first came here last spring we were in awe of these giant "fans" going around and around at various speeds depending of the force of the wind. Since we arrived here this time we have had very little wind so they have been spinning very slowly. Today, as I passed one particular field of generators the air was so still, they were all completely still and they looked almost ghostlike. With the terrain around us resembling what you'd expect the surface of the moon to look like, these giant windmills, stilled by the lack of wind, appeared like dead aliens. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me but I will be sure to post a photograph when I get one.

I had gone over to Palm Desert to Costco and while I was gone, Rick went for his second official Pickle Ball lesson. Tonight we were invited to the monthly "Volunteers" potluck dinner and I needed some supplies to make a Greek salad, my contribution to the dinner. Once I returned, after lunch I went to The Gallery for the massage Jack promised me in return for the Reiki treatment he received yesterday. I was in heaven for an hour, (he sure knows his stuff) and when I was finished, it was Rick's turn. We both ended up in the pool and hot tub later, totally relaxed and feeling more like having a nap than going for dinner.

The potluck dinner was fabulous with plenty of food brought by all the volunteers and to our delight; there were many vegetarian choices. According to one of the regulars here, over the course of a winter, there are as many as 250 volunteers coming and going from here to keep the place running smoothly. The monthly potluck dinners are a great way to bring everyone together to meet each other and have some social time outside of work. We ate some really great food, met some very nice people and learned about just how much work they do.