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Tuesday, 08 November 2005 16:00

Even though the majority of the population here is over 60 and retired, there is no shortage of healthy activities to challenge everyone. Last night at the volunteer potluck, we met George, one of the water aerobics instructors, who is somewhere over the age of 70 and he encouraged us to attend one of his classes. There are actually two instructors and two classes a day; the first one is low impact and starts at 6:30 AM for an hour. George's class is at a much more civilized hour for our liking, 9:00 AM, and it lasts for an hour and fifteen minutes. We learned this morning that George doesn't know what low impact means and we got a workout that could rival any gym based aerobics program. There were approximately a dozen participants because apparently 6 or 7 of the regulars had gone to a taping of "The Price is Right" game show in LA. George told us that when the park is in high gear in January and February, the number climbs to between 35 and 40 participants. George as it turns out, has been doing this type of volunteer work here for several years and when he isn't RVing, he resides in North Vancouver.

We enjoyed a vigorous workout that left us looking forward to becoming regular attendees and we are only sorry that we didn't start sooner. For those folks that don't like the water, there are three levels of line dancing classes also held each morning and also taught by Canadian instructors from Niagara-on-the-Lake. Of course, there is pickle ball and tennis for those who don't like either swimming or dancing and throughout the day, there are several other activities available.

Today, the sky was overcast all day however, that didn't prevent the temperature from getting up to 25C. After our morning physical workout, I gave myself a cooking workout by making a huge batch of granola and some baked oatmeal, enough breakfast food to last for a while. Between that, answering emails and talking to Karley on the phone, my afternoon whizzed by. Meanwhile, Rick was called on to help a fellow camper set up his stereo system (his handyman reputation is becoming well known) and he helped to clean up one of our neighbour's sites. We are far from running out of things to do and from what we can see from the folks here, being retired is anything but boring. The sunset tonight was gorgeous, as you can see, despite the overcast day.