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Wednesday, 09 November 2005 16:00

Despite weather predictions that we would be under cloud again today, we woke up delighted to see clear blue skies again. Because it was already 22C by 10:00 AM, after my Nordic Track workout, rather than indulge in the water aerobics, I chose to have a leisurely swim at the other pool instead while Rick headed for the pickle ball courts. Three days ago, while I was swimming, I got a little too aggressive with some of my moves and I re-injured my shoulder, which had just nicely started feeing a lot better. Yesterday in the water aerobics class, I was very careful and avoided most of the upper body exercise and today a less aggressive workout seemed to be a better choice. Evidently, by the fact that Rick returned from pickle ball two hours later, he'd had a busy workout and a lot of fun.

As I said yesterday, Rick's handyman reputation is starting to get known and his services were required this afternoon. Meanwhile I decided to take a woodcarving class with Vern Hesketh an accomplished artist whose work is featured at the Myrtlewood Gallery in Northern Oregon. Vern, another volunteer with Canadian roots, proved to be most interesting and will be a great teacher in our class over the next few weeks. Today we covered the tools we will need and some of the techniques involved in carving a Black Capped Chickadee. I spoke with a couple of other people who took a class with Vern last year and they had nothing but praise for him so I am looking forward to our classes over the next five weeks.

The clouds came back for a short time later in day and there is a possibility of showers overnight, however for the next 10 days there is nothing but sunshine in our future. How can we help but love it here?