How Fast a Day Goes By When You Are In Paradise PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 06 November 2005 16:00

This morning the sky was overcast again but like yesterday, by noon it had cleared up and the temperature soared to 27C. According to one of the regular guests that spends the winter here, we can expect to enjoy this type of weather for much of the winter, though it may be a couple of degrees cooler. (Hmmm, I wonder if we can handle it!?) Since the time change last weekend, it gets dark so early but it is light around 6:00 AM and it seems we are wide-awake then. The good thing is that our day starts early and we are able to cram a lot of things in before noon but by 9:00 PM it feels like it's midnight and we are ready for bed.

Last night I stayed up for a while after Rick went to bed and as I was sitting quietly writing, I suddenly heard a pack of coyotes possibly chasing a rabbit in the desert. Their eerie calls were so loud that they sounded like they were right beside the motorhome when in fact they were probably several hundred yards away. I just sat, silently listening to their cries and wishing I could also see them in their frenzy as they passed.

This morning after we worked out, Rick went over to help Dail out and I did some house cleaning. (It amazes me how quickly two adults and a tiny cat can create a mess because it seems that I spend a lot of time cleaning up after us.) I was outside doing something when Jack (the massage therapist here) dropped by and we scheduled a Reiki session for later in the afternoon. Though Jack is in the "body" business, he has never had a full Reiki treatment before and was really looking forward to it. He arrived promptly at 2:00 and I explained to him what to expect before I got started. It was a really good session and Jack enjoyed being on the receiving end of a very relaxing, energy treatment. Tomorrow he is reciprocating by giving me a massage and if the sample treatment I received on Friday is any indication, I'm going to be in for a treat and I can hardly wait!