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Monday, 14 November 2005 16:00

One of many good things about this fast is the extra energy we have because our bodies don't have to work at digesting anything. Even though we are beat by days end, we sleep well but we are awake very early (not because we are hungry) and ready to get the day going. Here, that's a good thing because the weather is so good that we hate to miss a second of it. This morning Rick was up at 6:30, polishing the car so it is clean while he's away and greeting the various folks out walking that early (there's a lot of them). I am never quite as spry as he is first thing but I wasn't too far behind him.

As I mentioned yesterday, Rick has been recruited to maintain the new putting green being built in front of the office. Steve, the manager, has consulted with a professional golf course designer who has very specific directions for building it. They are starting from scratch and there is a lot of preparation involved to get it ready for seeding. By mid-morning I headed into the town of Desert Hot Springs with my friend Jennifer to run a couple of errands. We scurried around town and then headed back before noon so we could enjoy the hot afternoon sun. Meanwhile, Rick worked on the putting green hoping that it would be seeded today so that while he is away it will grow. Unfortunately, the seed didn't arrive but Steve promised that it would be done tomorrow so that's Rick's efforts weren't a waste of time.

Everytime I leave the park, I give a little "thank you" because I am awed by the beauty of the mountains all around here and today's drive was no exception. There is something almost magical about them and I wish my camera could capture their true beauty for everyone else to see. The photo here just doesn't do them justice!