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Tuesday, 15 November 2005 16:00

Because Rick is going to Vancouver today for a week, it made sense for him to break his fast last night. When coming off of a fast one has to be careful that they don't rush out and eat everything in sight, which would be an obvious temptation. So, he had a serving of Greens+ with some flax seed oil followed later by a mug of vegetable broth. Today, when we arrived at the airport, he had a salad before take off and sitting with him, I was so tempted to end my fast but somehow I managed to show restraint. The next seven days should be fairly easy for me as long as I am not enticed by the food odours in the air from neighbouring barbecues.

Last night we watched the news and saw that Winnipeg had been subjected to their first big snowstorm and it is heading into Central Ontario. As pictures of stuck vehicles and stranded air travellers came across the screen, we looked at each other and grimaced. Being here makes it difficult to fathom ever spending winter in the snow again. Here the daily temperatures still hover over 26C but it does cool down overnight to the low teens, still a far cry from freezing. When Rick flew from here to Vancouver today, he was not excited to be heading north but relieved just the same that at least there, the temperatures are still above zero.

Rick's flight was scheduled to depart at 1:30, so after we said our goodbyes at security, I headed back to the Catalina RV Park where I went for a long swim in the upper pool. Afterwards, I spent a good part of the afternoon researching on the Internet, looking for the best kind of laptop. Rick's computer is five years old and needs to be replaced so I wanted to compare brands and prices. By this evening, my head was spinning with all the choices and options so for now I am taking a rest. Hopefully, if today is any indication, the week that my hubby is away will go by fast and it will seem like tomorrow that I am picking him up again.