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Wednesday, 16 November 2005 16:00

This morning, after pouring over pages of computer specifications and consulting with expert friends, I narrowed down the field of “New Computer” candidates. I shopped online to compare prices and I phoned suppliers in this area, before finally deciding on a new Toshiba M45-S359, similar to my current computer though much lighter with a slightly smaller screen. It was roughly $800 less, than a built-to-order Dell and had everything I wanted on it. My experience with mine has been exemplary so it made sense to stick with what I know. You see, Rick will be inheriting my computer and I will be using the new one because it is more portable. Anyway, I was more than happy with my purchase from Office Depot and the service and information I received from the store manager who helped me.

I returned to the park just long enough to plug it in and get it started when I had to leave for my wood-carving class. Vern, our teacher is great; he has remarkable patience, is very informative and has a great sense of humour. My other classmates are generous (they willingly lend tools and ideas) and we all really enjoy the class. What started today as a lump of wood has turned into something that actually resembles a bird and I am amazed. Who would have thought that I would be so talented?

Our class lasted until well after 4:00 PM and when I was done, a swim in the pool was in order because I was covered in sawdust. Jennifer, my friend and neighbour, joined me for a leisurely dip and then I parked myself in the motorhome for the night in the role of a computer geek. Transferring data from “old computer” to “new computer” is a lengthy process even with PC Relocator, the program I bought to do the deed. Between that and just setting up and activating the programs already on the computer, it was after 11:00 before I hit the sack and I still had hours of work ahead of me. If Rick was here he’d have a bird because there are boxes, wires and computers everywhere, utter chaos, which goes against his grain. With some luck, by the time he returns he’ll have a “new” computer and the mess will be gone!