One More Night PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 11 December 2005 16:00

Since Rick left here a week ago, we have talked everyday, giving each other updates on what is going on. He has come down with a nasty cold making the packing and moving of ours and Jays stuff less than wonderful and he is dealing with cold weather and snow. He has stayed a few nights at his sister, Gayle’s, house and a couple of nights at Bill and Laura’s.

Last night, after finishing the packing in Markham, Rick headed back to Barrie where he had a final visit with family members and a good, (but way too short) night’s sleep at Gayle and Grahams. He was up very early this morning heading back to the city to move the house contents to the moving company where he and Jay loaded it into a container. The truck that they were using was also scheduled by the buyers moving into Jay’s house and it had to be back for them by 2:00PM. After a dinner with Jay, Bill and Laura, Rick made the decision to stay at a hotel near the airport for a long, uninterrupted, much-needed sleep.

The poor guy’s internal clock has been completely messed up since he left here 7 days ago. From here, his flight took him to Las Vegas where he had a six hour layover and then he took the “red-eye” connector flight to Toronto. He had an hour and a half of sleep on that flight when he landed in Toronto at 6:30 AM (the 3 hour time difference was NOT helping). After he got the rental car he headed to Barrie, making some surprise visits on the way with his mom and niece before going to Gayle’s place. He hit the sack early, but by then he was coming down with his cold. Since then he hasn’t slept at all well so tonight, he is hoping to recuperate before heading back here tomorrow. Only one sleep left before I can nurse him back to good health with the help of warm weather, sunshine and plenty of love! We can hardly wait!