Christmas in the Desert PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 10 December 2005 16:00

Today my day was spent cleaning! It has been awhile since I scoured this rig and today, I gave it a scrub like it hasn’t seen in a long, long time. I started the job as soon as I got up but by 10:30 AM, I could feel the call of the pool so I took a much appreciated break. It was warm here today, 23C, so working inside was not the best thing I could have done, but I’d planned this for a while and I wanted to get it over with. After my swim, I was reinvigorated and so I got back to work and stayed at it until I was finished at 3:00 PM. By then all I had left to do was some laundry so I loaded it in the car and headed to the larger laundry room at the upper clubhouse.

I had figured, (incorrectly) that because it was Sunday, the place would be deserted but when I got to the laundry room, I had to wait to get a washing machine. There are five washers and five dryers and they were all occupied, but I had brought my book so at least I had something to do. By the time I could get my stuff in a dryer, the sun was going down and the evening chill was setting in. I headed back to the motorhome to put on some warmer attire and I couldn’t help but admire the many Christmas decorated RV’s throughout the park.

I rarely go out around here after dark so I was surprised to see how festive it looks and the way some folks have decorated their rigs is really pretty to see. Though it’s still hard to get used to seeing cactus with Christmas lights after having mostly white Christmases throughout my life, I am adjusting.