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Monday, 12 December 2005 16:00

On Sunday morning, before heading to the Pow Wow, I started to read Julia Ingram’s new book, “The Lost Sisterhood”. For any of you who have read this site from the beginning you may recall that I read a book, “The Messengers”, co-written by Julia which had a life changing effect on me. This book is just as profound as her last, (I finished it this morning) and I cannot recommend it enough. If you are a believer of past lives and feel you are being “pushed” along a spiritual path, you may find this book to be the tool you need to accelerate your growth. Julia Ingram has a website where you can learn more about her, her books and her practice; just click on her highlighted name.

Today, after I finished the book, I went to the pool for my daily swim so I could head to Costco and Clarks early to pick up some groceries. Rick was scheduled to arrive at 6:30PM and I suspected he would be tired and ready for a quiet dinner at home. We had very little in the way of food in the fridge and yesterday when I cleaned out the freezer, it was evident that a trip to the grocery store was needed. I returned in time to prepare a yummy vegetarian shepherd’s pie that would be ready by the time we returned from the airport.

I got to the airport at 6:10 only to find Rick standing outside waiting for me! He was one of only 6 people on the plane from Las Vegas and they left early so he and one of the other passengers, whose ride hadn’t yet arrived, waited together outside. He was very tired (the hotel sleep last night wasn’t any better) so after a bite to eat we headed to the hot tub where he could unwind (and maybe stay awake). It sure is nice to have my hubby back with me where he belongs and you can be sure it will be an early night for both of us tonight!