The Exodus Begins PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 January 2006 16:00

Today three members of our family unit were departing to their homes in Ontario and British Columbia and the weather here is the worst we have seen since we arrived here in October. This morning we woke up to some blue sky but we could see dark clouds looming in the west and we knew they were heading in this direction. It was a good day to hang out at the park to pack and relax before everyone’s flights were scheduled to leave. As it turned out, Ian’s flight to Vancouver was delayed and rescheduled from 5:38 PM to 9:26 but Bill and Laura’s flight from here to LA remained on time. From there they will be flying out to Toronto on a “red-eye” arriving just in time to go to work… yuck!

By mid-day, the dark clouds had settled over us and it started to rain; a perfect condition to feel no guilt when we all took it easy, a luxury we seldom enjoy. Karley and Ian took Makai for a swim despite the weather because the pool is so warm and he enjoys it so much. Jay and I watched a movie while Rick had a nap and Bill and Laura packed and rested in their rental unit.

At 5:30 Rick drove Bill and Laura to the airport while I pulled together a vegetarian curry for dinner for the remaining folks. After dinner around 7:30, Jay drove Ian to the airport so he could catch his 9:30 flight, (providing it doesn’t get a further delay). Karley and Makai went to bed and Rick and I watched TV and surfed the net until we too hit the sack. It has been nice to have everyone here but I will admit that it has also been a little hectic. We will miss everyone but today’s departure of three of our visitors will calm things down a little and slowly our lives will return to normal. As much as we enjoyed having everyone here at the same time so they could visit with each other, we also like having them here individually so we can spend more quality time with each of them.

This is one of Bill's photos.