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Monday, 02 January 2006 16:00

Doesn’t it figure that now that Bill, Laura and Ian have left Desert Hot Springs, the weather is making an about-face and after a dreary day yesterday and a particularly windy night, we are back into sunshine and warm days? When we woke up this morning we could even see a dusting of snow blanketing the surrounding mountain peaks, which looked extremely pretty. (I’ll try to get a picture tomorrow.) Today the mercury peaked at 22C but by the weeks’ end we are expecting 25C to 26C temperatures.

While Rick babysat Makai and Jay went to the gym, I took Karley with me to Clark’s to do some much-needed grocery shopping. Even with several meals out, it doesn’t take long to deplete the food supplies when there are seven adults and a baby to feed. It was an opportunity for some mother-daughter time and some grandpa-grandson time which everyone enjoyed. After lunch, I headed to Palm Springs to give a Reiki treatment while Karley and Jay went to see a movie and Grandpa babysat again. My very interesting session took longer than I had anticipated and I returned home to find both my “guys”, the little one and the “grand” one playing in the motorhome. It seems they had a very good time, swimming, strolling around the park and playing all afternoon.

We had made arrangements to meet Karley and Jay after the show at Native Foods for dinner so we headed back into Palm Springs. The restaurant was packed but fortunately a table became vacant shortly after our arrival. Makai was hungry and obviously tired (the yawning gave it away) so we decided to order our meals while we waited for the moviegoers to arrive and it was a good thing because the movie ran much later than they had anticipated. Eventually, Jay called the restaurant to inform us that they would be late and we agreed to meet back at the park. Our little grandson was falling asleep on the way home but we managed to get him into his pyjamas and into bed without any fuss and by the time his mom and Uncle Jay returned, he was fast asleep. We all had had a busy day and none of us were too far behind him!

Another picture, courtesy of Bill!