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Saturday, 31 December 2005 16:00

Last night, while Rick, Bill, Jay and Laura watched The Gangs of New York in the living room, I chose to watch something of a less violent nature in the bedroom. It was after 10:00 PM and admittedly, I was tired so lying down on the bed to watch Dumb and Dumber was probably not the best idea to ensure that I would be awake to ring in the New Year. I was watching the movie one minute and the next minute four faces were standing over me yelling “Happy New Year”! Yup, yours truly slept through it while Rick, the one who usually falls asleep first, stayed awake!

This morning, Ian, Rick, Bill, Laura and Jay decided to try their luck at pickle ball and Karley and Makai went to watch. The day started out sunny and looked quite promising but by 10:30 the clouds started to move in. Apparently the weather has been pretty bad west and north of here for the past few days and the tail end of those systems are working their way in this direction.. So far we haven’t had any rain but it is in the forecast. Karley brought Makai back to the motorhome soon after the sun went behind the clouds and while she got ready for the pool, I changed Makai into some swim diapers and mother and son went swimming. Despite the sun’s disappearance, the pool temperature is 92F and he loved every minute of it, splashing and blowing bubbles with Mommy.

Afterwards Makai had a long nap and once we all ate lunch (which included a chocolate birthday cake), we all went into Palm Springs to walk along the main street which our visitors hadn’t yet explored in the daytime. Tomorrow Ian heads back to Vancouver and Bill and Laura are flying to Toronto so we wanted to spend our last day doing something together as a family. Despite the overcast skies we had an enjoyable day and a good start to a Happy New Year!