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Friday, 06 January 2006 16:00

At the end of the street there is a small gas station, a liquor market and a restaurant which, until recently, we pretty much ignored. No one here at the park had ever recommended it to us and the name, “Josephine’s” featuring Mexican, Italian and American food just wasn’t that appealing. A couple of weeks ago when Jay, Bill and Laura were our only visitors, we had run out of groceries and didn’t feel like driving anywhere so we gave it a try. Imagine our surprise to discover they serve the best, freshly prepared guacamole we have had anywhere! It seems the restaurant used to be pretty awful and most of the residents here have had some less than wonderful meals there, hence the lack of recommendations. However, the restaurant has undergone an ownership change which has yet to be discovered by the folks here and now the food is terrific.

Today, I went to Palm Springs for the afternoon to give some Reiki treatments while Rick and Karley stayed at the park enjoying the great weather with Makai. They did some laundry, went swimming and hung out at the pool. Apparently Makai is enjoying throwing himself from the pool’s edge into his Mom’s waiting arms, something he started doing yesterday at a lesser degree. By the time I got back from my appointments, it was after 5:00 and everyone was hungry and waiting to go to someplace for dinner so we headed to Josephine’s. (No groceries again!)

Karley and Rick went there two nights ago and had some delicious crab enchiladas and tonight we all enjoyed some more great food. The chef/owner will even customize his dishes to accommodate picky vegetarians (like me) and everything is served extra hot (as in temperature) by friendly efficient staff. It sure is nice to know that we can eat out at a good place that is not only nearby but also inexpensive!

This is one of Bill's photographs as are the ones today in the picture gallery!