Happy Birthday, Rickey PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 January 2006 16:00

This morning, on the day of Rick’s 51st birthday, we celebrated the start of it at 8:00 AM with a swim in the family pool with Karley and Makai. The weather today was amazing; sunny and hot, 27C and this morning even at 8:00 we were already experiencing a blast of warmth. The pool was like a warm bath which we all enjoyed, especially the little guy who was either laughing or splashing the whole time he was in it.

While I taught the computer class, the birthday-boy played with and enjoyed Makai and Karley gave Jennifer a new “do”. Once the class was over, we headed to the Fantasy Springs Casino to watch some of the remaining hot air balloons launch, all part of a festival taking place here all weekend. (We are hoping to return either tomorrow or Sunday at dusk to see all 42 of them close-up and tethered.) Unfortunately we arrived a little late so we couldn’t see them all taking off, (in fact some of them were being folded up and put away) but it was very cool seeing many of them floating with the mountains as a backdrop.

For dinner, Karley, Makai and I returned with Rick to Native Foods (once again) for his birthday dinner and we all enjoyed delicious vegan choices followed by some carrot cake for dessert. Makai was on the verge of falling asleep for the entire drive back but Karley managed to keep him awake until we got home. Rick spent the most part of his birthday doing one of his favourite things; spending time with his grandson, Makai; how much better can it get! Happy Birthday Rickey!