The Numbers Are Dwindling PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 07 January 2006 16:00

Like most little kids, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed in unfamiliar surroundings can be pretty unsettling and Makai is no exception. Since his arrival here with Karley and Ian over a week ago, Makai’s sleeps and naps have been shorter than what he is used to and consequently his routine is off. His pregnant mom needs her rest and as much as we try to help, the lack of sleep for both mother and child is beginning to wear them (and us) out.

This morning after another particularly restless night, Karley decided that she needs to return back to Vancouver earlier than she had initially planned. When we tried to change her ticket with Harmony Airways they had only two departure days, today and Thursday, and today’s flight was just too soon and Thursday’s too far away. It would have cost an additional $50 to make a change plus the difference in fare prices but fortunately, the initial cost was just over $100. Because Thursday was the only day that Ian would not be able to pick them, we found another inexpensive fare with West Jet and they are leaving on Wednesday instead of next Sunday, as planned.

This afternoon while Jennifer gave Karley a much needed massage, Rick and I babysat Makai and after a long swim in the pool with Grandpa, he fell asleep in the stroller while we walked around the park. Somehow we managed to keep him sleeping for two hours and by this evening, he was in much better spirits. Jay and Sarah, who just arrived back from a great weekend in Mexico, joined us at the California Pizza Kitchen for a farewell dinner. They are heading to San Francisco tomorrow for three days on their way north to Vancouver, so our guest numbers are dwindling fast. As much as we’ll miss everyone when they’re gone, it will be nice to get our house back in order once again!