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Sunday, 08 January 2006 16:00

Jay and Sarah left here this morning for San Francisco but not before stopping in Palm Springs first so that Sarah could look around while Jay went to the gym. In the time since Sarah arrived here, today would be her only opportunity to see any of this area. Shortly after they left here and while Karley put Makai down for his morning nap in their cabin, I did some tutoring with a couple needing some help with their new computer. It was a rewarding experience for both me and my “students” and they left here with some “homework” to do and a little more knowledge than when they arrived.

As a child, I was graced with curly, white-blonde hair but as I grew older, it grew darker and duller so for the past fifteen years, I have been highlighting it to keep it looking “brighter”. After keeping my hair in its natural, dirty blonde colour since September, I finally decided that I liked it better with the highlights. This afternoon after Makai’s nap and while Rick babysat, Karley transformed me back into a “lighter” blonde and gave me a much-needed haircut.

She and I then went into Palm Springs to do some grocery shopping at Trader Joes followed by a visit to Joy Maternity Boutique on El Paseo Drive. Being long-legged, finding maternity jeans that are long enough have been a challenge for her, so we were hoping to find some there. As luck would have it, she found jeans and a couple of T-shirts at surprisingly reasonable prices. We headed home to find Rick waiting at Karley’s cabin with a napping Makai. It seems they had a full day, swimming, playing and riding around in a wagon, which evidently wore the little guy out!