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Monday, 09 January 2006 16:00

Today, the last full day of Karley and Makai’s visit with us, we decided to give Karley a break by taking Makai with us to The Living Desert . We visited “TLD” when we were here in March and between the animals and the huge miniature train set, we figured we would find something that Makai would enjoy.

This morning we started out with temperatures just above 7C, which makes for a chilly swim, but swim we did, regardless of the cold. With only sunshine in the forecast, it didn’t take long for the mercury to rise and by the time Makai woke up from his morning nap, we were basking in 22C, perfect for looking at animals. It was also ideal for Karley to have the afternoon to enjoy some quiet time relaxing by herself at the pool.

We wandered around the park looking for the animals that weren’t hiding from the warm sun so that Makai could see them. The ostriches, the meerkats, the zebras and the giraffes engrossed Makai but because the goats in the petting park were sleeping, he showed little interest in them. We all enjoyed watching the miniature trains as they wound around the various displays and before long it was time to go back to the motorhome. We’d all had a great day; Karley enjoyed her rest, Makai enjoyed spending an afternoon with Granni and Grandpa and we had fun taking our little grandson to The Living Desert!