Hello Angie, Bye-Bye Karley & Makai! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 January 2006 16:00

Makai LOVES swimming and yesterday because we were taking him to The Living Desert, we had no time to go to the pool. Today, Karley and Makai were scheduled to leave on a flight back to Vancouver at 1:15 PM. We figured if we took Makai swimming early in the morning, Karley would have the time to finish packing and Makai might get tired enough that he would nap before they had to be at the airport. The temperature when we got up at 7:00 AM was 6C and not much warmer at 8:00 when we went swimming. To make Makai’s last swim as pleasant as possible, we drove up to the pool so that we could keep him warm. He loved his swim, Karley completed the packing and by the time we returned to the motorhome and redressed him, Makai was a tired boy.

Though he only napped for an hour, it was just enough sleep to keep him happy and we arrived at the airport at 11:20, in plenty of time to catch the plane. It was also good timing because Angie’s plane was scheduled to come in at 11:50 and just as we arrived at the gate, she appeared. Karley and I went to the restaurant to get a bowl of soup for Makai’s lunch while Rick and Angie went to collect her suitcase at the baggage claim. As it turned out, Makai didn’t like his soup and Angie’s bag was still on its way to Palm Springs from Chicago, where she was routed through earlier.

We said our hellos and goodbyes, knowing that it would be several more months before we see our little grandson again. We will miss him and his mom, especially seeing her belly grow with Makai’s future baby brother or sister. Our visitor count has dwindled to one but at least Angie was able to see Karley and Makai before they left and we will have the next five days to show her some of the area.