Alone Again! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 16 January 2006 16:00

This morning Angie was scheduled to fly back to Ontario on a flight with United Air departing at 9:30 AM (or so her ticket said) so we were up early to make sure she was on time. Lately I have taken to using the internet to confirm the arrival time of the flights that our family members were coming in on. This morning I decided to check on the departure time of Angie’s flight and it was a good thing. Apparently United Air changed their schedule and her flight’s departure time was moved to 9:10 AM! Thank goodness for the Internet! Anyway, Rick had to forgo his breakfast until he returned and he and Angie headed to the airport with little time to spare. (I had some tutoring scheduled so I couldn’t go.)

This afternoon, I had two Reiki appointments planned and as per my previous sessions, they too went very well. Afterwards I was the lucky recipient of a Reiki treatment from Rick, something I haven’t had for a long. Rick was attuned to his first level of Reiki in 2003 before we left Ontario and he is very gifted, however he doesn’t use it very often. It was sooo nice for me to receive the Reiki energy from someone else and I was able to relax and soak it in for 45 minutes.

This evening we headed into Palm Springs to pick up some supplies and then we tried another Thai restaurant. My friend Anita, from Palm Springs recommended this restaurant to us several weeks ago and finally, after everyone has gone home, we tried it. The food was really good but our timing was bad because Peeraya’s is where we should have brought the family for the Thai meal we had hoped to have with them. It never happened but ah well… next time I guess!!